Career Facets

Show your best side for every role

Highlight your most relevant experiences and draw attention to your job-specific skills with Career Facets. Each job and every company is slightly different, some companies emphasize culture fit, organizational citizenship, or specific skills. Coaches will tell you to tailor a resume to the job application, but how do you keep track of all these versions?

Creating a New Facet

Facets are versions of your portfolio that highlight your skills, experience, and abilities that are most specific to a particular job. If you’re applying for a job or looking for a specific role, a new facet is a great way to start that search.

To create a new facet, select the Careers & Facets option from the Organizer dropdown in your account dashboard. From this section, you’ll see a list of your current facets. Pick the one that’s most like what your new role will be and click the New Facet button. Bam, you’ve just created a facet.

From here, you can edit this new facet by clicking the Edit button that will appear at the bottom of your facet list. This will give you access to the editing area where you can customize the facet details, including the custom link to your resume and portfolio. To learn more about these custom links, check out this article on the Resume Builder.

Edit a Facet

Sometimes, it makes more sense to edit an existing career facet. This can be the case when your existing role shifts, you need to alter which events are included, or when you’d like to clarify things like your mission statement in a facet. From the same Careers & Facets section above, you can select the Edit option to customize those options.

What Can I Edit?

From this facet editing area, you can edit the custom link, mission statement, contact info, and even the profile image which appears for that facet. For each page, customize the header sections by editing the text which appears in the Lead section, or to adjust the text with appears in the body of these pages you can edit the Content section.