Custom. Short. Links.

From emails to lunches to business cards, share your experience everywhere

Virtuafolio provides you a series of short links which let you share your experience quickly, allowing you to quickly and succinctly communicate your experience or qualifications. Figuring out where you stored a resume, where it’s linked, or where to get it from can be a pain. Instead of hunting down copies stored in different places, Virtuafolio simply creates a new custom link for each facet of your career - automatically.

Easy to Share, Easy to Close

Having a short link which you can copy makes it easy to fit your experience on a business card or an email. The format is easy to remember and editable, letting you share a resume on the fly.

Once you’re done with a resume, you can set the facet to Private, which will prevent visitors from accessing this resume. To do this, visit the Careers & Facets option from the Organizer dropdown in your account dashboard and select the Edit button to view the facet details From this area, you can set the facet to private.

Create a New Link

A new resume is created each time you create a new career facet. For more detail about career facets and whether you should create a new facet or update an existing one, check out this article on Career Facets.